Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Best Tourist Destinations in Singapore

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Singapore has plenty of immaculate tourist destinations. You will be able to enjoy a fabulous time with your dear ones when you visit this beautiful Asian country. You will also be able to enjoy all sorts of extravagance during your trip because the country is highly advanced in terms of technology and infrastructure. Here are some of the most important tourist destinations in the country.

Sentosa islands are one of the most popular tourist spots in the country because of its fabulous entertainment options. You will be able to spend some beautiful moments with your special ones when you visit the resorts, bars and restaurants in this part of the country. The service quality that you get to enjoy is excellent.

Marine Life Park is another fabulous place that should not be missed during your trip. You will get to watch more than 800 species of marine organisms when you visit this place. There are more than 100,000 marine animals in this place and the experience will stay fresh in your memories for quite a long time.

River Safari is a fabulous tourist place in the country which is spread over a whopping 12 hectares and is ideally cuddled up between the national zoo and the night safari. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful rive ride when you visit this place through the tropical forests. You will also get to watch some of the most beautiful wild animals during your trip and also plenty of freshwater attractions.

Singapore Botanic Garden is another place that should not be missed out during the trip. The beauty of amazing plants, flowers and the great arrangement of the place will help to refresh your minds and provide you with a soothing effect. When you visit this place, you will get to enjoy great tranquility in the middle of a busy nation. The experience would definitely be stunning.

If you want to travel across all these destinations without any difficulties, it always better to go for car rental in Singapore. If you choose a Singapore car rent company that offers a wide fleet of vehicles, you will be able to enjoy your rides in the country without spending too much of money. Driving in Singapore is also an excellent way to enjoy your trip because the roads in the country are beautifully constructed. You will get to enjoy a stunning view when you hit the expressways.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

What is the best way to travel to KL from Singapore?

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 In order to enjoy your trip to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore, it would be best to rent a car. The journey will provide you with a stunning experience because of the beautifully constructed highways. The availability of top class cars in Singapore is another reason that makes a road trip across the border enjoyable. If you choose a reputed Singapore car rental company, you will be able to drive the most popular cars in the world. The rates are attractive because majority of the rental companies in the country come up with amazing offers every now and then. When you use the other modes of transport to travel across the border you will miss out on all the fun offered when you take the seat behind the wheels. When you drive through the expressway you will be able to enjoy splendid sights on the way and you can pull over whenever you come across something attracting. After all, you would want to take a lot of selfie pictures during your trip from Singapore to KL to post on the social networking sites. This will be possible only if you drive a private car.

When you go for car rental in Singapore, you will be able to enjoy stunning speeds on the beautiful roads. When you speed past the fellow motorists applying full throttle, you will definitely have an adrenalin rush which will make the trip exciting. The trip through the causeway is another attraction that you get to enjoy when you go for car rental. When you rent a car for the trip, it will make your sightseeing trips in KL convenient too. You will not have to waste your time during the trip waiting for the public transport facilities when you drive a private car. If you are planning to visit Singapore and spend a couple of days before traveling to KL, choosing car rental would be of great help. You will be provided with Singapore airport transfer facilities if you place your bookings in advance. This will help you to freshen up easily after your flight and enjoy the trips in the country too before proceeding to KL. Finally when you are done with the Singapore-KL trip, you will be provided with an airport drop facility too by the rental company which will again make your vacation splendid.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Why do rental car companies give you multiple keys to the car

Singapore car rental When you rent cars, you would have noticed that multiple keys are provided to you after signing the deal. This is done due to a variety of reasons. Certain cars would require more than one key in order to open the trunk and for starting the vehicle. Not all cars need separate keys to open the trunk though.

The rental companies also provide multiple keys which do to serve different purposes. The keys would be exactly the same and would be attached to the same ring. This is done because they do not want the keys to get misplaced. When you go for car rental in Singapore, you will do that in different ways. You might ask the rental company executives to bring the vehicle to a specific location of your choice. When this is done, the companies will make use of the branches close to the location to deliver the vehicle. Similarly, you might opt to return the vehicle after use at a different location from the point you had picked it up. When this is done, you will have to return the keys to executives who will take the car from a different branch of the Singapore car rental company. If the duplicate keys are not attached in the same ring, it will be difficult for the companies to secure it. Hence, the keys are attached to the same ring. When you go for Singapore car leasing and use a vehicle for a long duration, it would definitely be better to have multiple keys. In case you misplace one of the keys, you will be able to drive the vehicle with the help of the other key.  This is one of the greatest benefits of having multiple keys. It would be ideal to detach the keys from the ring and keep one securely at home or in your wallet while using the other. This will help you to gain access to the vehicle even if you happen to lose the other. If you find the keys in a non-detachable form while renting the vehicle, ask the executives at the company to get them separated.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Factors to consider while renting a car in Singapore

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When you decide to choose car rental in Singapore for your trips within the country, you need to take into consideration various factors. If you do adequate research and make a smart selection, you will be able to save a lot of money on rentals. If you are traveling to Singapore from a different country, you will be able to check out the rental rates using the online resources. Browse through the web and check out the rates offered by the popular car rental companies first. You should also check the famous travel websites that help you to book your flights and hotels for attractive offers. Some of the car rental companies allow you to provide car rental quotes according to your budget and requirement beforehand. This option will be of great help when you conduct corporate events in the country or private functions that demand the need of multiple vehicles. Here are some of the most important factors that need your consideration while renting a car in Singapore.

Choose the most compact car that suits your needs. When you go for large cars, you will have to pay huge amounts and it will also cause inconveniences while driving through the busy roads. If you go for a compact vehicle that accommodates you well, you will not have to pay unnecessary amounts for the rental. Sometimes, you might even be provided with a free upgrade to a mid-size-sedan if there are no available compact vehicles at the time of placing the booking. However, if you ask for a mid-size sedan you might be charged higher rates by the rental companies.

Take a look at the daily rates offered by the companies and compare it with the weekly rates. If you are planning to spend four or five days in the country, going for a weekly rental might be the most cost effective option. Majority of the car hire services in the country provide amazing discounts on weekly and monthly rentals.

Do not miss out on the rental insurance. You might have to pay few extra bucks to avail this service but it definitely worth every penny. In case you meet with any road mishaps, the damages will be covered by the insurance and you will be able to avoid huge financial losses. In case you meet with an accident during the rental period without adequate coverage, you will have to pay huge amounts which would be demanded by the rental company and also the others involved with the accident. Hence, it is always safer to avail the insurance service provided by the company.

You should look for a fuel station close to the rental company when you take the vehicle out on the road. You will have to fill a specified amount of fuel when you return the vehicle after use. If you fail to do this, you might be charged with additional penalties. Most often, you would return the vehicle just in time for your flight back home. When you hurriedly drive back to return the vehicle, you might miss out on filling the fuel and this will lead to penal charges. If you look up a gas station close to the rental company you will not have to go through this trouble. 

Monday, 27 October 2014

What are some of Singapore's best kept secrets?

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Singapore is a country that is quite small in size but provides excellent facilities. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. One of the greatest advantages provided by Singapore is the pleasant weather that remains almost the same all through the year. You will not have to look at the calendar before planning a trip to this Asian island nation. The country has all modern amenities and you will be able to enjoy your trip to the country irrespective of your purpose of visit. If you are on business, you can easily travel across the country, meet your needs and leave back without any hassles. If you are on a leisure trip, you can enjoy the fabulous entertainment facilities in the country and leave back home with a happy mind. In order to enjoy the trip to the country to the maximum you can utilize the topnotch facilities provided by the Singapore car leasing companies. You will be provided with Singapore airport transfer facility absolutely free of cost when you book the car rental well in advance. You can even book a Singapore limousine in advance through the online portals if you want to enjoy a luxury ride in the country. The small island nation has all the facilities you need to enjoy your stay in the country.

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world. Even though the geographical size of the country is quite small, the armed forces in the country are extremely powerful. The national navy has the capability to block the straits of Malacca and Singapore in no time in the event of a war. The major roads in the country can double up as runways in less than a day in case the airports in the country are destroyed. This is mainly because the bus stops and dividers found on the roads in the country can be easily removed in hours. The constructions in the country are done with a great vision of safety of the citizens during all sorts of situations. This is something that might not be possible in other countries so easily. Hence, you do not have to worry about your safety when you travel to this Asian nation.

The country has a very small population compared to the other Asian countries but the country’s contribution to the world is quite large. 80% off shore oil rigs in the world are contributed by this small country. 30% of the hard disk drives used in the world are manufactured in Singapore. More than 30% of the hearing aids used by people around the globe are from this country. More than 25% of printers, 20% of photo flash lamps and 70% of semiconductors are contributed to the world by Singapore. These figures do speak a lot about the productivity of the country. This however makes the country one of the wealthiest economies in Asia. Asia’s oil product pricing is done in the country. You will be able to buy all sorts of modern electronic gadgets in Singapore as soon as it is released anywhere in the world.

Singapore is a country that has the right balance of all facilities. You can enjoy each and every minute spend in the country because of the fabulous facilities available!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

How to Get the Best of Limousine Service in Singapore

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The limousine service that you hire can make or ruin your day. There is no doubt that limos exhibit grandness, oomph and style, but imagine standing in your wedding dress waiting for a limo that is late to pick you up; or opening the doors of the limo only to find that the seats are untidy with leftovers of the previous passengers; or a limo with a careless driver tapping his watch telling you to hurry up over and over.

These things can happen if you are not aware about the best limos services available in Singapore and just pick anyone arbitrarily without much check. So, it’s better not to assume anything and take due care before hiring Singapore limousine for your special occasion. Here’s a list –

1. Make some online research to find a few reputed names in the car rental industry and read what other consumers are saying about them. Try to pin down a service that has a proven track record.

2. Prior to signing any agreement, it is always better to talk to someone representing the Singapore car leasing. They should be able to sort out all your doubts and answer all your questions satisfactorily. In case you visit their fleet, they should be able to show you the interiors of a few limos so that you can make sure that they are clean and well cared.

3. Ask your acquaintances about the limo services they have used before and their experiences with the deal. If you hear a lot of negative reviews about a company, it is better to look for other options.

4. Interview a live representative of the limousine service to confirm the availability of the limousine on the date and time you have booked the vehicle. Whether you have booked for a special occasion or just for Singapore airport transfer, it is always better to be doubly sure that everything is alright. Even if you have made an online booking, make a call to the company’s representative to make sure that your order will be adhered without any glitch. Be clear with your requirements and make sure that they comprehend what you want.

Finding a good limo service is like finding your favorite café in the town. A good limousine service can uplift your image in your acquaintances enhancing your style and status to new levels.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Circumstances ushering leased car in Singapore as the most viable option

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Leasing a car provides utmost freedom and flexibility for moving around, and alleviates the unnecessary hassle involved in public transport systems. With a leased car at your disposal, you are the master of your own schedule and most of the time you are no longer required to wait at bus-stands and railway stations. Whether you want to have a car for facilitating Singapore airport transfer for your clients or more inclined towards visiting new locations, here’s a list of a few circumstances that may get you to consider car leasing in Singapore.

You need a car urgently for your purpose, but can’t afford to deposit the down payment. Alternatively if you are one of those businessmen who frequently need to get around, but also require fund to invest in their business and save on the down payment, then leasing is a viable option that helps you to afford a car without much delay.

You are not going to stay in Singapore for long. For expats who are going to stay in the island nation for three years or less, buying a car is not a cost effective option. For what will they tie up such a huge amount for putting forward as a down payment for buying a new car? Just to drive for a few years? It is better to consider Singapore car leasing as a viable option and use the saved money to spend at other fruitful junctures.

You are proposed to stop driving vehicles within a few years. Are you retired of job? Are you aged over 60 years? If you know that you are going to be driving only for next four or five years, it is better to use a leased car. There are other better ventures where you can invest your saved money.

You want to pose extravagant and indulge in driving luxurious models. There are people in Singapore as young as in their twenties who just want to turn heads of other people around them and like to be seen driving a high end car. Many dream to be seen in a Singapore limousine. If you inform them that a five year loan term will attract 50% down payment, they will never be in a position to afford it. But at the same time they don’t want to drive anything that is more of a budget friendly. So a viable option for them is to lease a sophisticated car model. You see, it’s all about the prestige and indulgence.